counter On the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, a huge shoe market has been set up at the Fashion Feet Shoe Store

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On the occasion of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, a huge shoe market has been set up at the Fashion Feet Shoe Store

Staff Correspondent:

A different example is set by Ujjal Das, director of Fashion Feet Shoe Store, the only outlet footwear company of Bay emporium in Kotalipara upazila of Gopalganj district.

We see an advertisement on the official Facebook of Fashion Feet Shoe Store, the Fashion Feet Shoe Store will give some gifts to their customers for Eid. Seeing this, we contacted Ujjal Das, director of Fashion Feet Shoe Store, and asked him why he had taken such an initiative. Then he told us that the current situation in the country, we are all in the grip of the Corona epidemic. In doing so, each of us must be aware of our own situation. But not many people know what awareness is. So on my part I try to explain to many.

Ujjal Das also said that on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, he has made a huge offer for 10 days. This Eid, if you buy any shoe from Fashion Feet Shoe Store, you will get Care Box Gift for free. So why are you late today? Let’s go to Fashion Feet Shoe Store, the largest outlet run by “Bay emporium” located in Ghagar Bazar (Old Ferry get rod) of Kotalipara Upazila under Gopalganj District.

On the occasion of holy Eid-ul-Azha, there is a huge shoe market in Fashion Feet Shoe Store.! A sanitizer and a mask come with the purchase of the desired shoes in the Dhamaka offer. Follow the hygiene rules at our outlet. In the interest of your safety, our outlet is being operated in compliance with all kinds of hygiene rules.

Offer valid till 24th July – 3rd August, so you have to shop during this period.

Ujjal Das also said that it is not possible for everyone to buy sanitizer and it will not happen again So I have taken such an initiative in favor of my showroom.
Mr. Ujjal Das, Director of Fashion Feet Shoe Store said that he is very proud to be by the side of people in this difficult time.
You can find all kinds of (Women-Men-Children) footwear, belts, wallets, socks, signers, girls purses, all kinds of shoes at the outlet Fashion Feet Shoe Store operated by “Bay emporium” located at Ghagar Bazar of Kotalipara Upazila (Old Ferry Ghat Road) under Gopalganj District. All related products.

In addition to our efforts, we would also like to request our esteemed customers to come to the outlet after the safety material and to abide by all the rules displayed on the outlet. You also have to be careful. Avoid touching the door when entering and exiting. Wear a mask. Avoid touch. Try to use mobile wallet or card when paying. Maintain social and physical distance.

Fashion Feet Shoe Store offers the opportunity to shop very carefully. We are always vigilant. I am following the safety guidelines given by the government. I am sanitizing the store once a day. I am sanitizing my hands from time to time. Every one of our employees takes every precaution. Enjoy your shopping.

Mr. Ujjal Das, Director, Fashion Feet told us in this regard, “I sincerely thank the buyers for their confidence in Fashion Feet Shoe Store. We are always alert to ensure your safe shopping. Hopefully, with all of Bay’s new designs, your shopping will be more enjoyable. Follow the official safety rules at the “Bay emporium” official showroom Fashion Feet Shoe Store next to you. Or order online safely from home –
Hotline- 09638241668

We have decided to do online home delivery for your safety. Work in progress. The online service will be launched very soon. Fashion Feet promises to be with you all the time.

Ujjal Das said more for the purpose of every human being. Everyone stay safe. Do not turn the horse outside unnecessarily. Let’s move on. Your awareness can protect us all.
Be aware, stay safe, protect the family. We are firmly committed to Fashion Feet Sue Store to ensure safe shopping.
Call any need related to Fashion Fit Sue Store- 01711-162560 or 01911-574505
(10am to 6pm)

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